Norbain roadshows to highlight integration

The Norbain Roadshows have been created to demonstrate integration in action. The shows will have a dedicated integration area where a selection of its suppliers will be working together to show how their products can create a number of solutions worth more than the sum of their parts.

Integration offers a huge number of benefits, both to the integrator and to their customers. For integrators it offers the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive service to customers, increase the perceived value of systems to the end user and creates an important differential against competitors.

For end users it provides a simple solution which efficiently manages a range of systems, reduces training costs while enhancing operations and response times, improves data collection and allows effective management of multiple sites.

Integration doesn’t have to be complex to produce powerful results, and that’s what the Norbain Roadshows are setting out to demonstrate. The shows will allow visitors to experience integrations, actually seeing for themselves how the systems fit together and the results achieved.

The Norbain Roadshow dates and locations are:
Bolton Whites Hotel – 20 July 2017
Village Hotel, Solihull – 25 July 2017
Village Hotel, Leeds – 13 September 2017
Clarion Hotel, Dublin – 4 October 2017

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