Texecom launches Micro Contact-W

Texecom has launched the Micro Contact-W, which provides unobtrusive, discreet security. The contact is used to protect windows, doors and assets, and is suitable for use with any security system making use of the mesh-based Ricochet robust wireless security technology. The Micro Contact-W is part of Texecom’s Premier Elite Series.

The Micro Contact-W is so small it can be concealed within most uPVC window frames, measuring  57 x 27.5 x 8.2mm. The device is simple, fast and easy to setup, featuring a single button and intuitive LED status indicators to guide installers and integrators through the installation and commissioning process.

During installation and commissioning, the setup button features LED indications to ensure correct positioning and operation. The LED indicates if the magnet is secure (green), if the magnet is open (red) or if the device is in a tamper state (orange). It also indicates when learning onto the system using a flashing pink indication.

The advanced electronic design maximises performance whilst minimising energy consumption. This helps to deliver a claimed typical battery life of four years from a single coin-cell battery (CR2450). This helps ensure longer service intervals and minimal disruption.

Available in white, brown and anthracite grey, the Micro Compact-W’s low profile design means it can not only be used for door and windows, but also for cupboards and other stationary assets.

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